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Friday, November 6, 2009


Shadow Hills by the wonderful, spectacular, amazing, author, Anastasia Hopcus!
I went to Austin Teen Book Festival and was able to meet Anastasia and shortly after she left early, was able to get an ARC of Shadow Hills! YAY!
I read it in one day.
I loved it.

This book was able to put you into a modern yet out of touch world that will send very creepy vibes your way.
On the back it states this is a Thriller (yes, I had a brief flash of MJ too). This book is a thriller. And, I have to say, Anastasia KNOWS how to write some fight scenes! Whoa.
The whole time a fight went one, specifically one I am referring too close to ending, I knew exactly what was going on, who was hurt, and who had the upper hand.
Shadow Hills gave a blend of Scientific Fantasy, Romance, and Wich Fantasy at the same time.
I give it a A++!

Oh. First one to comment gets Shadow Hill Bookmark!

Out 2010!!


Kim said…


Anastasia Hopcus said…

Yay! My first official review and it was a good one! A really good one! Thanks Lauren! PS. I'm glad you liked the fight scenes so much!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said…

Glad you loved it, I'm so excited for this book

Alexa said…

This sounds like a really good book, I guess I'll have to pick up a copy of it soon.

I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over at my blog!

metin2gogo said…

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