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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yes. This contest is FINALLY going public!
Since it is Thanksgiving Week for the U.S. (Do I have any foreigners?) I want to have this contest with a thankful theme!
Here’s what you have to do:
Make something showing me what you are thankful for!
This can be:
Videos, Pictures, Graphics, anything!
I would prefer that you make something (even graphics) but if you see something that is perfect in expression of your thankfulness, I will make exceptions!
I really am not picky about how you go about making something…Make a drawing then take a picture, make a video showing or telling what you’re thankful for, make some graphics, or anything else!
What you will win:
I will choose 3 winners! Since I think these prizes are totally cool I will not call it 1st and 2nd place but Winner 1 and Winner 2 (because I’m weird like that!).
****More Ways to Enter at Bottom****

Winner 1: NEED by Carrie Jones SIGNED!!!! AND an ARC of CAPTIVATE (sequel to Need) also signed!!!

Winner 2: WAKE by Lisa McMann SIGNED!!!

****Winner 3(!!!) Will win FIRE by Kristin Cashore


This is sorta a different contest linked in same contest.
+5 For sending me a picture of what you’re thankful for.
+2 Spreading the Word
+3 For already following me
+4 To Start Following Me


ENDS: DEC. 21!!!!

Hopefully this will make sense…xD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fire Maze!!!

Yes, I just combined to book’s names to make my blog title. GENIUS!!!
Anyways, the combination: Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) and The Maze Runner (James Dashner). Two incredibly awesome books!!!

To start with:
Catching Fire!!!
This book was: wonderful, suspenseful, romantic, thrilling, action packed, jaw-dropping, hair pulling, AWESOME.
With the Hunger Games being one of my favorite books I had set high expectations for the long awaited sequel and my expectations were met and topped.
With the Hunger Games being over, Katniss is finally getting back to normal.
Yeah right.
The people from the Capital are mad and they’re not afraid of showing it.
With Katniss trying to give back to the people lost in the Hunger Games, the Capital blatantly state: Make the people quit uprising.
I am not going to say much because I will mostly likely spoil something if I say any more but I leave you with this:
Read it or crawl in a cave.
When reading bring: Tissues (if you cry for everything, like me), water (to help your throat from all the screaming) and some easy to eat food (You will not want to leave the book unattended)!

Now, you might ask: Why put The Maze Runner with Catching Fire? Well, The Maze Runner, for me, was the PERFECT book to read while waiting for the Catching Fire sequel.
I won’t say it’s better, but it is definitely something to compare to!

After reading two YA romances in a row I felt the need for some tough boy stuff, and, well, The Maze Runner is some tough boy stuff.
Dashner puts the reader in a situation were you are about as lost as the main character, Thomas, himself. All you know:
There’s a colony of boys, a maze that’s almost impossible to solve, and there’s no way out.
Every character has been fully developed, some you hate and some you love!
What I loved about this book was that I was trying to figure out the maze just as much as as the characters were! Plus, James has a VERY wonderful way of describing things in a way that just paints a picture in your head, without noticing that you were reading a simple description at all!
With shocking twist and turns, a little hint of romance, and an impossible puzzle, I suggest this book for anyone who loves a great action/adventure book!
Oh, and the ending: Whoa. Mouth= wide open.

Have YOU read these books?
Agree or disagree?

Friday, November 6, 2009


Shadow Hills by the wonderful, spectacular, amazing, author, Anastasia Hopcus!
I went to Austin Teen Book Festival and was able to meet Anastasia and shortly after she left early, was able to get an ARC of Shadow Hills! YAY!
I read it in one day.
I loved it.

This book was able to put you into a modern yet out of touch world that will send very creepy vibes your way.
On the back it states this is a Thriller (yes, I had a brief flash of MJ too). This book is a thriller. And, I have to say, Anastasia KNOWS how to write some fight scenes! Whoa.
The whole time a fight went one, specifically one I am referring too close to ending, I knew exactly what was going on, who was hurt, and who had the upper hand.
Shadow Hills gave a blend of Scientific Fantasy, Romance, and Wich Fantasy at the same time.
I give it a A++!

Oh. First one to comment gets Shadow Hill Bookmark!

Out 2010!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let it Die…

Let it Die by Foo Fighters.
Here my IMM: Austin Teen Book Festival Version:

Contest coming once I get something confirmed (No. I’m not telling you. Yet.)!
I will be for sure giving away signed copies of NEED by Carrie Jones and WAKE by Lisa McMann!
I have made a SlideShow for Austin Teen Book Festival but I don’t know how to put it on the blog so I might have to video tape it.
What? It’s and awesome powerpoint/slideshow thingy.
If you know how to put it on here tell me!!!

Book Pixie! I need your address. Spam probably gobbled it up so try sending it here:
Sorry for delay!

Contest details and a LOT of reviews coming soon so stay tuned!!!

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