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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Linger!

As you probably already know:
Today is the official release for Maggie Stiefvater’s Linger.
The epic, tragic, lovely, happy, emo, magical, sexy, scary, sequel to Shiver.
I love this series. I am obsessed with this series.
I think I scare people sometimes with my love for this series.
Maggie has wonderful writing, true characters, an almost tragic romance, and everything in between.
It’s bitter sweet.
It’s love and it’s hate. It’s happy and it’s sad.
I gave my review for Linger along with the trailer I made back in February, but I am going to re-post them along with Maggie’s official Linger trailer in celebration for today!
I am not going to compare Linger with Shiver by saying it was better or worse because really, for me, that’s like comparing snowflakes: very different but the same. Linger still had Sam, Grace, Isabel, the cold air, the sad feeling. But it also was different. New character, new point of views, new realizations.

As a Shiver fan, I was worried that these two new point of views (Isabel and Cole) would just be painful chapters while waiting for Sam and Grace to talk, but this was not the case. Part of this is because Maggie’s writing creates a conversation in your head where ten pages feel like one, and when it’s over, you look up and realize that it’s gone, not real.
Another part was because of the characters. Maggie has created real human beings, people who you get to know, love, hate, and care for. A lot of people speculate about who Cole is. Cole is Cole. He is a new character that you have to care for because you get to know him so much. Cole is rather depressing, wanting to simply die or stay wolf forever.

Isabel sets her role in this book, too. Isabel is one of the strongest characters I have ever read, dealing with tragedy in her own way, not letting people see through her, saying what needs to be said. Even though Isabel has a stone heart, she has an incredibly big one.

Grace and Sam have to deal with something both of them can’t stop: Parents.

Although Grace’s parents have never been around, they make her relationship with Sam more difficult, not understanding the circumstances. Linger was able to put me in a spot of pure hopelessness. It goes through dark holes, hits bottom, and you can’t get out. Linger’s last chapters gave a definition of hopelessness: no one able to make a move, no one able to fix things, to stop them.

I kept thinking: this is what it feels like when time slows down and you see a bullet come right at you, but you can’t move. Nothing to do. You keep waiting for Superman to come to the rescue but realize that he’s not exactly real.
Linger was not as…action packed as Shiver, but it was still full of everything it needed and more.
Maggie gave us a scientific view of werewolves, gave us 4 completely different humans, gave us love, sorrow, happiness.
She gave us Linger!

I truly loved it.
My Fan-made Video:

Maggie’s Official Linger Trailer:

Thank you for such a wonderful series, Maggie!
If you haven’t read Shiver, I suggest doing so! And if you have, go buy Linger, it is so so so worth it.
Fortunately, I’ll be able to meet Maggie in the Linger Tour this summer! 😀
I’ll bring back GOODIES. 😉


Kim said…

Wooooo! Great post. I actually reread Shiver today on the car. It was a LOOOONG drive. xD

Adventures in Children's Publishing said…

Excellent review. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading this and relieved that you didn't feel the new povs detracted.


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