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Friday, August 6, 2010

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

When I went to BEA, I stood in line for about an hour waiting for Lauren Oliver to appear. She was signing BEFORE I FALL and advanced copies of DELIRIUM.

I had no clue that the book I was picking up, Delirium, would have such an affect on me.
My review for Delirium:

A little spoilerish

The idea that love is a disease is mind boggling from the start. How can you live without love?!

But in Delirium they do. It’s rather depressing at times, the way parents have no love for their children only the responsibility of taking care of them.

The way married couples are looked down on when showing affection in public. But they’re not in love.

It’s a responsibility to work together, not love.

Lena understands that love, more commonly known as the deliria, is a disease. Without love, there is no hate. No war, fights, and life is measured and safe.

She cannot wait to turn 18 so she can finally be out of loves way. She’ll be evaluated, her husband will be chosen, as will her job and the amount of kids that seem fit for her. Hopefully they’ll let her go to college.

So when her best friend, Hana, starts breaking the rules, breaking curfew, listening to non-government-approved music, and even going out to parties where boys and girls are integrated, she fears Hana will soon catch the disease and be forced to have the cure early, a dangerous thing that can cause deadly side affects.

But then there’s Alex. Alex who makes her heart jump, a clear side affect of deliria, makes her mind go fuzzy, another side effect.

She knows she should ignore him just wait the few more months until the surgery will be given to her and she doesn’t have to worry about the disease. So it’s pretty bad when she says yes to meeting him…and even worse when he admits to being an Invalid, someone who disagrees with the cure and live in the Wild, pass the gates surrounding her city.

But then she realizes that maybe the government’s wrong, maybe they’re lying about love being bad. When she runs off to another party to warn Hana about a raid coming to take people who disobey any rules, she’s too late.

She sees the violence coming from the people who are supposed to ‘protect’ the citizens during the raid.

Alex saves her from the raid and from that night she’s soon plummeting further and further from her old life, the safe one. She might have deliria, but she’s doesn’t care.

She just wants to be with Alex.

But when the whole world is out to destroy something you love, how can you escape?

I truly loved this book.

It was magnificent and the ending was stunning and heart wrenching. Alex and Lena were marvelous, brave, characters who I enjoyed reading about. I loved reading each secret peeling off from Lena’s safe life even if some were hard to learn.

Lauren was able to show how love can never be erased and how far people will go to keep it with them.

The romance was sweet and true to heart.

I did cry, I laughed, and I screamed (In my head, at least!).

Lauren Oliver has created something fantastic and I encourage anyone to read it. It does come out in February, a long way away, but if you can get an ARC, do so!

I was inspired!
So what do I do when I’m inspired? Make things. So I made a trailer.
I think this trailer is my best yet, and I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think? Are you excited to read it?


Kim said…

I truly loved both your review and your trailer! Can't believe it doesn't come out til February ;_;

Book Crazy Jenn said…

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! LOVED your review, I just read this one, and I cant seem to get it out of my head, not that I want to…your trailer is so perfect…wow…wow! 🙂

Caitlin said…

Awesome AWESOME video!! And now I'm even more desperate to get this book!! Great review!


I'm soo looking forward to this book, all you guys who went to BEA have been raving about it! I'm attending ALA in sandiego in January I'm hopping to snag an ARC there 🙂

Lori said…

You did a great job on the trailer!! This book is my new obsession. I finished it yesterday and I can't get it out of my head. I think it might be the best book I have ever read…which is saying A LOT!

BethDazzled said…

I already begged Lauren for an ARC–no go. Trailer is awesome! 🙂

Ronnica said…

Didn't read the bulk of your post as I prefer to stay in the dark, but I look forward to reading this book!

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