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Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing Brooklyn!!!

I adore Lisa Schroeder so I had no problems going to my local bookstore immediately to grab my copy of Chasing Brooklyn when it came out!

I enjoyed I Heart You, You Heart Me so I expected for this to be just as wonderful!

Brookyln is trying to except the lost of her beloved Lucca but how can she when Lucca’s best friend suddenly dies?

Nico is doing his best to get over his brother Lucca but when sudden messages start telling him to help Brooklyn he’s not so sure he knows how.

This story is able to grasp the feeling of lost, not only with a beloved but with a close friend too. It’s able to give you tingles at the back of your neck with the haunting dreams, notes, random playing music, all meaning something, but what?

It’s also able to show love.

I was glad that this wasn’t all made up to be a Romance Novel but had the romance in it. It wasn’t set up to be a Book of Losing Someone but was able to blend that in so well.

Lisa Schroeder has written another book I can gladly say is on my Top Reads List.

I suggest it for anyone looking for a book that has love, lost, and finding!

Winners for contest have been notified so check your inbox!

Thanks for everyone who entered! I love seeing what you were thankful for.

I will be posting Linger by Maggie Stiefvater review soon along with my fan-made trailer I made with with the help of my awesome Christmas Camera. Hehe



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