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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Darkness and a Warning

I was able to get an ARC of this at the Little Brown Booth at BEA! Read it on the way back home.

Spoiler Alert for Beautiful Creatures not Beautiful Darkness
Having loved reading from Ethan’s perspective in Beautiful Creatures, I was excited to be able to dive back into his head with Beautiful Darkness.
Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this well anticipated sequel. BC was such a hit, though, so I knew it would be good!
I read it on the way home from New York, and I was captivated from the moment I opened the page.
Kami and Margaret created layer after layer of their magical world of Casters. In Beautiful Darkness, we learn more about how things work, the technical information.
And while learning all these things, you will be sitting there, pulling your hair out, and screaming at Lena. The girl has gone…dark. I won’t say anything else on that topic, but I will defend her in saying that she’s suffering so much. She’s holding this whole world of grief and guilt on her shoulders, and Kami and Margaret really portray that well.
I enjoyed Link a lot more in this book. Many times I was laughing out loud at his funny sayings and the way he looks at things.
I also was able to tolerate Riley in this book. Yes, she’s back.
And as I mentioned before, I loved reading Ethan’s point of view throughout the whole book. I actually tend to enjoy reading more from boy POVs than girls, so it was a refreshing read. But I also was yearning to see what was going on in Lena’s head, too.
I would do a lot to have something from her perspective, to see the world through her eyes.
I did enjoy Beautiful Darkness even more than Beautiful Creatures; I see this becoming another well known and admired book.

Now, the warning. I have awesome tote bags, Clockwork ARC, books, and swag. Contest coming soon. Be prepared to sing in some cases.
I also should point out that this is my 60th post. Yay!


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Uff. I NEED this book. lol

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