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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to Books

So sorry for lack of posting!!!! School is slowly devouring our lives. This saddens me, too. But! I’m a year older (How old am I? Guess in the comments!)

But today we have…Judith Graves!!!

Coil Notebooks: A Writer’s Obsession

Back to school can be a dark time in my house. Not because my husband is a high school social studies teacher and I’m an elementary school library technician – and back to school means an end to summer. Nope. I’m talking about my coil notebook obsession and how it drains our bank balance every fall

As a young adult paranormal fiction author, I’ve made it my duty to scoop up any gothic notebooks I find. But I write edgy YA as well, therefore I stand in line for the tattoo-ish, doodle designs as well. And I have a few picture books I’ve been working on, so I have to nab the cutise ones too.

What do I use all these notebooks for, you ask? Well, some are for future plot ideas, character trait journals, random dialogue, nifty word diaries, flash fiction pieces, lyrics, poetry….and some are too stunning to write in at all. Those are for pure wow-ain’t-that-pretty moments of inspiration.

I found a few of my favourite notebook companies online, you can check them out here:

Ecojot ( – recycled paper, cute designs and Canadian! Can’t ask for more.

Carolina Pad ( – cool notebooks, bags, you name it.

Etsy ( also has an amazing selection of handmade, unusual designs. I could spend hours skimming through the online shops to find steals like these (some are more elaborate and expensive than others):

You can even go to a site like Vista Print ( or Café Press ( and have notebooks custom made – a great idea for a school fundraiser, art class projects, or team/club bonding thingie. 😉

I feel I’m neglecting another important facet of back to school shopping. Along with each gem of a notebook, there must be an equally fantastic pen…but that’s another post. Happy Back to School Season!

Who am I? I’m Judith Graves, YA paranormal author of Under My Skin (Leap Books, 2010) and Second Skin (Leap Books, 2011) and a member of the amazing Class of 2k10. Check out my site: and the 2k10 site to meet 23 coolio debut authors:


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